Contribute to Our Mission

Dear Readers,

Green Network is a purpose-driven consultancy and digital media company envisioned to create an ecosystem of shared value for sustainable development.

We aim to support sustainable development by promoting and mainstreaming sustainability principles, showcasing good practices, and enabling collaborations across multi-stakeholders in governments, businesses, and civil society.

Through our multi-stakeholder education and advocacy efforts, we want:

1) to support governments to create better and more effective policies for citizens,

2) to help businesses to apply responsible and sustainable business practices for people and the planet,

3) to support civil society to be more capable in their social and environmental missions,

4) to help communities aspire toward positive changes to be more empowered, and

5) to support individual citizens and customers to be more educated and aware of their rights and responsibilities in society.

Feedback from Communities

We know Green Network is on the right track from the feedback that lets us know how our digital publications have created impacts by highlighting community agendas, magnifying their aspirations, and sharing Learning & Development opportunities and potential for action with all of our multistakeholder communities. The mission must continue.

Our shared purpose and mission are worth the investment in energy, time, and money. Green Network has a team with abundant purpose, passion, determination, and hard work. To continue delivering quality publications that are open to everyone and ensure fair wages for our team members, the team needs competency and funding.

Our source of funding is projected to be acquired through our independent consultancy services to help solve problems in governments, businesses, and civil society that we see as a way to strategically contribute to solving problems in society at large.

Contribute to Our Mission

It is a part of our mission to support quality public education for all by publishing content that is open to everyone without a paywall.

While you can enjoy all of our digital publications at no cost, you can consider supporting our team with a financial contribution to sustain our inclusive mission.

If you are interested in supporting our team in any other way apart from financial support, feel free to let us know via:

Thank you!