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Green Network Asia is a purpose-driven public affairs consultancy and independent digital media company envisioned to create an ecosystem of shared value for sustainable development.

We are a team of knowledge workers, writers, storytellers, content marketers, science communicators, event producers, shared value enthusiasts, and sustainable development advocates.

We aim to support sustainable development by promoting and mainstreaming sustainability principles, showcasing good practices, and enabling collaborations across multi-stakeholders in governments, businesses, and civil society for the realization of sustainable development.

That purpose is at the heart of our overall strategy, operations, and people. We deliver our mission through shared value practices targeted to create measurable value and real impact for people, the planet, the organization, and partners.


Our mission is to support governments, businesses, and civil society in their sustainable development journey and initiatives by helping them to learn, share, and network through our integrated platforms.

We showcase good practices that can be adopted, adapted, and scaled up as actionable solutions to address complex environmental,  social, economic, governance, and cultural-related problems in society.

We uncover the roles of governments, businesses, and civil society alike in sustainable development. We believe each of these actors has a role to play in solving the world’s wicked problems collectively. Public policy, business practices, and civil society initiatives should go hand in hand.

We dedicate our integrated platforms to serving our multi-stakeholder communities and partner organizations, including individual citizens and customers. These services allow them to learn, share, and network about challenges and opportunities in sustainable development and help them participate in the movement more effectively.

We are passionate and determined to serve our audience with multi-stakeholder diverse perspectives and valuable insights. We believe that solving complex problems can not be done in siloes. We all are in this together!

Feedback from Communities

We know Green Network Asia is on the right track from the feedback that lets us know how our digital publications have created positive impacts by highlighting community agendas, magnifying their aspirations, and sharing Learning & Development opportunities and calls for action with all of our multistakeholder communities.

Efforts to Sustain Our Mission

Our shared mission is worth the investment in energy, time, and money. Green Network Asia has a team with purpose, passion, determination, and hard work. To continue delivering quality publications that are open to everyone and ensure fair wages for our employees, Green Network Asia needs competency and funding.

Our source of funding is projected to be acquired through independent consultancy services to help solve problems and achieve missions in governments, businesses, and civil society. We see these consultancy services as a way to strategically contribute to solving problems in society at large, including facilitating underrepresented communities to be acknowledged, considered, and hopefully included in public policy. 

How to Contribute

It is a part of our mission to support quality public education for all by publishing content that is open to everyone without a paywall. We believe it is socially and financially inclusive and do it on purpose to uphold the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion that we nurture in our organizational culture.

If you share the same belief with us on advancing inclusive quality public education for all, you can contribute to our mission with financial and non-financial support.

Individual Financial Support

While you can enjoy all of our digital publications at no cost, you may want to consider contributing to Green Network Asia with financial support to sustain our inclusive mission. We will utilize 100% of your financial support to help fund our operational costs.

Organizational Financial Support

You can also contribute financial support and opportunities to Green Network Asia on behalf of your organization. Should you need to know about the details of how the funding will be utilized to serve the interest of underrepresented communities and the general public, feel free to let us know via [email protected] cc [email protected]

Terms and Conditions for Financial Support

Please note that your financial support to Green Network Asia must be of your free will, voluntarily, without force, resulting from informed decisions; hence, non-refundable. By contributing financial support to Green Network Asia, you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions for Financial Support.

Non-Financial Support

If you want to support our mission in any other way apart from financial support, you can contribute by; 1) sharing our articles with your friends and colleagues, 2) inviting them to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and 3) promoting our social media channels to follow so that our visibility improves and more people can access, stay up-to-date, and benefit from our work to support their life, work, and career.

Insight and Feedback

Is there anything coming to your mind that we haven’t accommodated here? Let us know via: [email protected] cc [email protected]

Thank you!