Short Study:

Short Study for Smart Energy for Europe Platform (Sefep) Ggmbh: Key Insights On Hydrogen - Southeast Asia Edition


The Need:

Agora Energiewende intended to publish a Policy Brief on the potential of hydrogen energy as a renewable energy source in Southeast Asia, where Green Network Asia contributed key information needed to complete the study. This study is focused on Southeast Asia’s largest economies — Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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Our Approach:

Green Network Asia delivered two short studies as requested in the RFP by Agora Energiewende. The short studies were prepared to be among the contributing studies to Agora Energiewende’s Policy Brief to be lauched by the end of April 2024. The studies focused on the challenges and opportunities to decarbonize energy-intensive industries and the evaluation of current renewable energy infrastructure. Both studies focused on Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines as representatives to the Southeast Asia region.


  Short study 1: “Electrifying Southeast Asia’s Key Industries with Hydrogen”

  Short study 2: “Southeast Asia’s Pathway to Hydrogen: Challenges and Opportunities”


  The two short studies became contributing studies in Agora Energiewende’s Policy Brief.