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Green Network Asia Value Proposition

Why choose Green Network Asia as a knowledge and implementing partner (service provider) for your sustainable development journey and initiatives?

Thought Leadership Credibility

Green Network Asia is a team of knowledge workers: researchers, consultants, and creative content producers with multidisciplinary expertise and skills. We have the ability to identify cross-discipline connections and create various creative deliverables to help deliver potential solutions and achieve your mission.

Special Focus on Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the blueprint of our work. We seamlessly integrate your agenda into the interconnected aspects of sustainable development, such as environment, social, governance, culture, and economy. We then translate those aspects into relevant topics of interest that are strategic to your organization and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Practical Solutions with Comprehensive Services

Our practical solutions help you solve real-world problems through integrated services tailored to your organization’s needs. Our project management is end-to-end, from strategic initiation, planning, execution, evaluation to the final report.

Our Services

We offer strategic partnerships that deliver public affairs consultancy to support your sustainable development journey and initiatives.

Our Business Units

Our integrated services are delivered through 4 business units with various deliverables tailored to the needs of your organization:

Our Deliverables

Our deliverables are customized, visible, measurable, insightful, and influential. They are classified into three clusters of deliverables, projected to be your long-term digital assets.

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Inclusive in Our Content Partner

We ensure the messaging you intend to deliver is reflected in the published content according to your needs, hence, more strategic and impactful.

We avoid greenwashing by holding on to facts and details to protect the public, our team, and your organization as our partner.

Our Content Partner helps bring your positive impact and thought leadership to life.

Our Partners

Feedback from Our Partners

Here is the feedback we received from our partners, represented by individuals at relevant positions who worked with us. The feedback is published with approval.

Partner with Us

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The Green Network Prospectus

Marlis Afridah

Marlis is the Founder & CEO of Green Network Asia. She studied Master of Public Policy program at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.

Mobile (WhatsApp & Telegram):

+62 822 2537 2855

Lalita Fitrianti

Ata is the Manager for Business Partnerships at Green Network Asia. She studied Master of Environmental Management program at the University of Queensland, Australia.

Mobile (WhatsApp & Telegram):

+62 813 1441 1521


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