Press Release Guidelines


Dear Public Relations Managers, 

In our second year, Green Network started receiving many press releases from different organizations. Our editorial team independently picks and publishes press releases that meet our editorial standards and converts them into our original evergreen soft news.

To further clarify “our editorial standards” as mentioned above, our team decided to create general press release guidelines to increase the possibility of your press release to be approved and published on our “News” platform.  

Here are some guidelines that may be helpful: 

What to Cover in Your Release

Your press release can cover any of your organization and community updates, such as launching your new organization/brand/product/service, organizational development, innovation as a solution to solve a particular problem, public policy, program, event, report, conference, and movement.

The Release that We Prefer 

Your press release should be newsworthy. It should cover something new/up-to-date, relevant, valuable, and relatable to the general public. 

The primary purpose of our News platform is to inform; however, all of our digital publications are meant to advocate for sustainable development and sustainability. We are not a neutral party. We choose “advocacy journalism” in our work, so the overall messaging should be within that purpose. 

Our community readers are diverse–experts, practitioners, activists, entrepreneurs, and the general public. Your press release should deliver relevant messages in an easy-reading and popular writing style, understandable to people from different social and economic backgrounds while maintaining the quality of the content.

Technical Guidelines 

  • Your press release should be relevant to our unique niche (sustainable development), topics of interest, and audience. Tag your release with the relevant topics, stakeholders, and regions by referring to our Topics of Interest.
  • Title should be 5-8 words, including keywords.
  • Wordcount should be around 400-600. 
  • Sources must be credible and linkable. You should hyperlink all sources available online in your text to improve credibility. 
  • Include relevant quotes from authoritative and important figures in your organization that are supportive of your messages.
  • Include the best high-resolution (ideally 1500 x 738) featured image that is the most representative of your announcement. You can submit more images so that our designer can pick the best one. Please provide detailed information about the images, such as the source/photo credit, the caption, and the alt-text
  • Identify your organization’s public relations liaison by providing the full name, job title, email address, and mobile number (WhatsApp and Telegram). 
  • Indicate the press release date and inform whether it’s for immediate publication or a later date.  

Incomplete submissions may not be considered. Lastly, you are fully responsible for ensuring all information and data used in your press release are accurate, precise, specific, and up-to-date. 


Please submit your press release via email: cc  


While we value your efforts to follow our press release guidelines, we are not obliged to automatically approve your submission. We cannot guarantee to publish all the press release submissions. It is our absolute discretion whether or not to approve and publish your press release based on our independent editorial judgment.  

We will let you know should your press release get picked up to be published by our editorial team, either directly with the link to your news or with additional questions our team may need to ask before publication.

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Our Audience

#1 Specific Audience

We strategically reach an audience of multi-stakeholder communities in governments, businesses, and civil society, including policymakers (CXOs, directors, and heads of departments), experts, practitioners, activists, entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, and local communities.

Our multi-stakeholder communities have passion, enthusiasm, aspiration, and interest in sustainable development. They have power, influence, and potential in their respective fields and organizations.

We continuously create an ecosystem of shared value with our multi-stakeholder communities in governments, businesses, and civil society to solve problems and achieve collective impact in society.

#2 General Public

We are proud of our inclusiveness and always determined to nurture the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Apart from the above more specific audience, we ensure that our service deliveries reach the general public of different social and economic backgrounds in the Asia Pacific and beyond. We do it mainly by deploying digital marketing.

The general public represents individual citizens and customers whose knowledge and awareness are vital to mainstreaming sustainability on a large scale. 

We have the expertise to deliver high-quality content in a popular language style understandable to different communities. 

We are passionate about “leaving no one behind” in our education and advocacy efforts. 

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Our advertorials ensure that the messaging you want to convey to your stakeholders and audience is reflected in the content we publish, tailored to your organization’s specific priorities and needs.

We characterize our Advertorial Service as informative, explorative, explanative, interpretative, advocative, and influential. We deliver your stories by following our editorial style (soft news), targeted to be your long-term digital assets. 

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Thank you!


On behalf of the Green Network Team,

Marlis Afridah

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Last updated: 19 September 2022