The Team

Green Network Asia is a team of knowledge workers; researchers, consultants, storytellers, content marketers, science communicators, event producers, shared value enthusiasts, and sustainable development advocates. 

Values and Culture

Together as a team, we embrace values and culture that constantly advocate our souls, hearts, and minds to be purpose-driven, passionate, compassionate, authentic, empathic, ethical, diverse, inclusive, innovative, collaborative, respectful, and full of integrity, producing and disseminating knowledge that is factual, meant to be inspirational for positive change.

Non-Discrimination Policy

As an organization, we practice a Non-Discrimination Policy. At Green Network Asia, everyone must be treated equally as a human being regardless of religion, race, color, ethnicity, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, native language, marital and family status, residence status, economic status, and social situation.