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After 75 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, what human rights issues do we still need to pay attention to?... Read more
Cycling isn’t the preferred urban transport despite its benefits. Then, how can we improve sustainable urban mobility with bicycles?... Read more
The urban population keeps increasing. How do we create a more sustainable built environment and what does a net-zero building entail?... Read more
In 2017, the FAO released sustainable soil management guidelines to provide relevant stakeholders with science-based principles. ... Read more
People with disabilities in Gaza are not only struggling to survive, but also rapidly increasing in number.... Read more
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As Mumbai and Makassar experience industrialization, urbanization, and modernization, what are the risks and challenges for these coastal communities in India and Indonesia?... Read more
As cocoa production increases, supporting the growth toward a sustainable cocoa industry becomes important for everyone, including consumers.... Read more
Indigenous women have a key role in preserving traditional knowledge and environmental stewardship by advocating for customary practices to adapt to climate change. Sadly, they lack essential support and protection.... Read more
Understanding the problems of policymaking in developing nations helps us create better policies. Here are some key recommendations to improve the making and implementation of public policy in developing countries.... Read more
Interdisciplinary research would mean collaborative efforts from different fields and disciplines to figure out comprehensive solutions to the complex problems of our modern world.... Read more
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