Hydrogen has been touted as this miraculous solution to global warming, and it almost sounds too good to be true. So, what are the cons?... Read more
There is a huge untapped market in Asia for hydrogen energy and Japan and Australia are taking the lead to initiate that movement.... Read more
Human rights and climate action are now more connected than ever. How do we integrate human rights into climate adaptation plans?... Read more
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared the komodo dragon as an Endangered species. Aside from the climate crisis, human activities also severely threaten the komodo dragons living in the Komodo National Park.... Read more
As the risks of tsunamis are exacerbated by climate change, we need a resilient infrastructure, early warning systems, and education to reduce the risks of disasters.... Read more


Interdisciplinary research would mean collaborative efforts from different fields and disciplines to figure out comprehensive solutions to the complex problems of our modern world.... Read more
We need powerful and continuous nationwide programs and campaigns to undo hundreds of years of socio-cultural "brainwashing" on rice.... Read more
Waste problems are imminent and dangerous, it is time to take trash seriously. ... Read more
Tiktok is no longer only known for dance challenges and lip-syncing. Now, among others, it houses a growing number of videos on climate change and sustainable practices steadily gaining millions of views. This article explores whether this form of activism is to be encouraged.... Read more
The values and characteristics of Islamic Economics & Finance fit those of the SDGs, making it imperative to peruse it to achieve the SDGs in Indonesia and inspire the world to do the same.... Read more

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