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City governments must encourage people to recycle through comprehensive urban waste management systems and strategies.... Read more
With its abundant tropical forests, can Southeast Asia achieve net zero by 2050 through carbon offset? Is the region ready to open its carbon market to the world?... Read more
For years, there has been a massive wall between women and healthcare. Addressing the issues in women’s healthcare requires all-encompassing strategies covering the broad spectrum of challenges related to women’s health.... Read more
Interventions are needed to build a more sustainable food system, including changing consumers’ behaviors to reduce food waste.... Read more
The Land Gap Report found a gap between the total land envisioned for carbon removal and realistic land availability and capabilities. ... Read more


Interdisciplinary research would mean collaborative efforts from different fields and disciplines to figure out comprehensive solutions to the complex problems of our modern world.... Read more
We need powerful and continuous nationwide programs and campaigns to undo hundreds of years of socio-cultural "brainwashing" on rice.... Read more
Waste problems are imminent and dangerous, it is time to take trash seriously. ... Read more
Tiktok is no longer only known for dance challenges and lip-syncing. Now, among others, it houses a growing number of videos on climate change and sustainable practices steadily gaining millions of views. This article explores whether this form of activism is to be encouraged.... Read more
The values and characteristics of Islamic Economics & Finance fit those of the SDGs, making it imperative to peruse it to achieve the SDGs in Indonesia and inspire the world to do the same.... Read more
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