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These days, wildfires are made worse with climate change, making wildfire preparedness an urgent matter across the globe. ... Read more
The food estate project in Central Kalimantan has generated various environmental issues that need thorough evaluation.... Read more
As both an essential food source and a major greenhouse gas emissions contributor, how to tackle agricultural emissions in the Greater Mekong countries?... Read more
The gender gap in natural resource management remains an issue that interferes with women’s role in environmental protection and management.... Read more
Beyond just work, decent work needs to be achieved to truly empower people and support the progress toward social justice.... Read more
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Addressing the mental health crisis among children requires a multi-stakeholder approach to ensure children grow up healthy, educated, skilled, and safe.... Read more
The next Indonesian president must be better at natural resource management, enforcing environmental and social protection for all.... Read more
As Mumbai and Makassar experience industrialization, urbanization, and modernization, what are the risks and challenges for these coastal communities in India and Indonesia?... Read more
As cocoa production increases, supporting the growth toward a sustainable cocoa industry becomes important for everyone, including consumers.... Read more
Indigenous women have a key role in preserving traditional knowledge and environmental stewardship by advocating for customary practices to adapt to climate change. Sadly, they lack essential support and protection.... Read more
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