What is Green Network Asia? 

Green Network Asia is a purpose-driven independent digital media and public affairs consultancy envisioned to create an ecosystem of shared value for sustainable development.

We are a team of knowledge workers; researchers, consultants, journalists, storytellers, content marketers, science communicators, event producers, shared value enthusiasts, and sustainable development advocates.

We aim to support sustainable development by mainstreaming sustainability principles, showcasing good practices & lessons learned, and enabling collaborations across multi-stakeholders in governments, businesses, and civil society for the realization of sustainable development.

That purpose is at the heart of our overall strategy, operations, and people. We deliver our mission through shared value practices targeted to create measurable value and real impact for people, the planet, the organization, and partners.

Learn more about our organization here.

Is Green Network Asia a for-profit or non-profit entity?

Green Network Asia is a privately held for-profit organization.

To learn more about why we decided to do business instead of non-profit, read our #LetterfromtheFounder “Moving Purpose into Action by Creating Shared Value”.

Regarding how we position “profit” relative to the “social and environmental impact” of our organization, here is how we consciously measure our standing position and impact focus in the B Impact Assessment:

“We treat our social and environmental impact as a primary measure of success for our business and prioritize it even in cases where it may not drive profitability”

What do you do?

Our work covers sustainable development interrelated areas as reflected in our interdisciplinary topics of interest, engaging multi-stakeholder communities in governments, businesses, and civil society at all levels and educating the general public in the Asia Pacific and beyond.

We partner with organizations to help deliver potential solutions and achieve their organizational and societal missions. Learn more about our business offering and partnership opportunities here.

Do you receive press release submissions?

Learn more about our Press Release Guidelines.

How do I publish my articles with Green Network Asia?

You can publish your articles with Green Network Asia organically at no cost on our Opinion/Op-ed and Community platforms. Learn more about our Op-ed Article Guidelines and Community Content Guidelines.

Can my organization publish paid articles on Green Network Asia?

Yes, your organization can publish paid articles on Green Network Asia that we categorize as Sponsored Content. Learn the detailed benefits of Green Network Asia Sponsored Content and contact our Business Partnerships Team here.

Do you have an email newsletter?

Yes, we do the Green Network Asia Weekly Newsletter delivered to our audience of multi-stakeholder communities every Friday. You can subscribe at no cost.

You are welcome to recommend the Green Network Asia Weekly Newsletter to your friends, colleagues, and communities so they can stay up-to-date with sustainable development news and stories from multi-stakeholder communities in the Asia Pacific and beyond. Feel free to send them the subscription link.