Capacity Building Training

We conduct capacity building training to address the knowledge and skill gaps of your stakeholders and target audiences around strategic public issues that are core to your organization’s needs.

Our Capacity Building Training is customizable, visible, measurable, insightful, and influential, projected to be your long-term networking and digital assets.

Why Sponsor Green Network Asia’s Capacity Building Training

Lead Generation

We help you find, reach, and engage your stakeholders and target audiences through our curated Capacity Building Training, tailored to the needs of your organization. 

Practical Skills and Knowledge for Your Stakeholders and Targeted Audiences

Our Capacity Building Training helps train your stakeholders and target audiences with the knowledge and practical skills needed to grow personally and professionally.

Thought Leadership

Our Capacity Building Training allows you to showcase your thought leadership, knowledge, skills, and solutions to help solve pressing issues in society. We will advise you about how to share your insights strategically. 

Brand Awareness & Corporate Responsibility

Our Capacity Building Training allows you to tell stories about your organization’s mission and showcase your corporate responsibility relating to pressing issue in society. We will advise you about how to tell your stories strategically. 

Exclusive Networking Opportunity 

Our Capacity Building Training helps you build networks and good relationships with your stakeholders and target audience through our legitimate platform, coverage of strategic public issues, and activities.

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Our Capacity Building Training particularly allows you to connect with your stakeholders and target audiences from anywhere without location constraints. Our virtual and in-person Capacity Building Training considers Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) lens, including speaker and delegate profiles.  

Partnership Case Study

Virtual Workshop:

Becoming Responsible Digital Creators for People and the Planet

Wednesday, 7 June 2023 08:45 - 11:30 Jakarta Time

The Need

Waste4Change aimed to reach and build a community with digital creators and social media influencers to involve them in their future advocacy and public campaigns especially on responsible waste management.

Our Integrated Services to Help Partner

Stakeholder Engagement, Community Development, Ecosystem Building, Media Relations

Our Related Business Unit

Research, Capacity Building, Event, Advocacy & Digital Campaign

Our Approach

We created a Virtual Workshop with targeted participants following the needs of our partner, including digital creators and social media influencers. We do all the program and project management from the strategy initiation, planning, research & development, production of deliverables, digital campaigns, evaluation, to the final report.


Virtual Workshop Creator4Change

Press Release

Sponsored Content: Advocacy Poster, News, and Exclusive Interview with the CEO  

Social Media Campaigns

Final Report Document


Increasing digital creators’ knowledge and practical skills on waste accumulation issues and responsible waste management solutions.

Amplifying Waste4Change’s thought leadership, brand awareness, and responsibilities in society.

Feedback from the Participants

Here is the feedback we received from the Virtual Workshop participants through Participants’ Perception Survey. The feedback is published with approval.

Feedback from Our Partner

“Through the Creator4Change Virtual Workshop, Green Network Asia helped Waste4Change discover and train digital creators within the niche of responsible waste management, tailored to our business focus. The community developed from this Virtual Workshop has become valuable networks to everyone involved, powering our future advocacy & campaigns on responsible waste management. I am so happy partnering with Green Network Asia; they have been very agile, responsive, and able to provide solutions for our needs.”

Abi Dzar Alghifari

Event & Partnership Associate, Waste4Change

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