Public Education Program

Publication of Figure Series: Artist Changemakers for Social and Environmental Transformations


The Need:

Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia saw the need to uncover the life stories of artists as inspirational role models to strengthen the national character building efforts, especially amid rampant misinformation and disinformation.

Our Integrated Services to Help Partner:

Stakeholder Engagement, Marketing Communications

Our Related Business Unit:

Research, Advocacy & Digital Campaign

Our Approach:

Green Network Asia uncovers authentic life stories of artists inclusively, from grassroots to maestro levels, who create for social and environmental change in society though cultural strategies.

We create creative content marketing strategies using DEI lens, research relevant profiles from all around Indonesia, delve into their life stories through in-depth interviews, and craft and publish the Figure Series for public education.


Sponsored Content in English and Indonesian “Figure Series: Artist Changemakers for Social and Environmental Transformations”

E-book version of the publication in English and Indonesian. 


 Mainstreaming the integration of culture in sustainable development.

  Amplifying the artists’ profiles and works to the public and empowering them in the long run.

  Projecting Indonesia’s soft power to international communities.