Policy Brief Publication and Dissemination:

Improving the Implementation of Blended Finance in Development Projects to Achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Towards the Vision of Indonesia 2045: A Case Study of the Mandalika Special Economic Zone


The Need:

Infid intended to publish a Policy Brief to promote civil society organizations’ perspectives regarding Blended Finance implementation in development projects using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030) framework.

Our Integrated Services to Help Partner:

Corporate Accountability, Public Policy Advocacy, Media Relations

Our Related Business Unit:

Research, Advocacy & Digital Campaign

Our Approach:

Green Network Asia helped create and publish the Policy Brief document, including the desk research and analysis (text), visual design, and layout. We then helped with public dissemination efforts by publishing thought leadership articles in Bahasa Indonesia and English, targeted social media campaign, and organic news publications in various Indonesian national level digital media following the needs of the advocacy target.


 Policy Brief and Executive Summary Documents

  Press Release

  Sponsored Content: Thought Leadership Article “Brief” in English and Bahasa Indonesia

Social Media Campaign in English and Bahasa Indonesia


  The perspectives of civil society organizations and people affected by the development project featured in the study (The Mandalika Special Economic Zone) are amplified in the evidence-based policy recommendations targeted to different stakeholder groups.

 Multiple Indonesian national level digital media cover the news on the Policy Brief publication organically, including but not limited to Liputan6.com, Detik.com, Media Indonesia, JPNN, and Klikers, amplifying the public education and advocacy efforts. 

  Potential adoption and adaptation for future research on more development projects for accountability.