Leaders in Sustainability Special Report 2023

We bring our inaugurated interview series “Leaders in Sustainability Special Report 2023” to you, showcasing exclusive insights directly from 18 corporate leaders on their organizations’ sustainability efforts. Read more here

“At Schneider Electric, we believe that companies that want to do well must also do good – and vice versa. We are committed to bringing everyone along, employees, customers, and suppliers, and working more closely with policymakers and local communities to make a difference.”... Read more
“I've come to appreciate that progress in sustainability is not always linear; it involves navigating complexities and adapting to unforeseen challenges. Building a strong foundation is essential, emphasizing the need for comprehensive frameworks and strategies that can withstand fluctuations.”... Read more
“Engage widely and create a coalition. There is so much passion and awesome opportunities in this area, it’s very exciting. The key thing is not to work in silos and get to the wrong conclusion. Let’s collaborate and achieve great collective outcomes.”... Read more
“The sustainability landscape is ever-evolving. Stay informed about emerging trends, technologies, and best practices. The ability to adapt and evolve is paramount for navigating the dynamic terrain of sustainability.”... Read more