Leaders in Sustainability Special Report 2023

We bring our inaugurated interview series “Leaders in Sustainability Special Report 2023” to you, showcasing exclusive insights directly from 18 corporate leaders on their organizations’ sustainability efforts. Read more here

“In the world of sustainability, things are always shifting and changing, keeping us on our toes. So, for us, staying in the loop with what's happening in sustainability is like flipping through the pages of an ever-unfolding story. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of sustainability, we are not just reading the news; we are actively shaping our narrative within this dynamic landscape.”... Read more
“At Tech Mahindra, our journey is guided by setting ambitious targets and goals against each of our sustainability initiatives, wherein we measure the impact of our sustainability initiatives, emphasizing transparency and a commitment to continuous enhancement.”... Read more
“As one of the Board of Directors of WIKA Beton, I have the responsibility to set the direction of the company and control its operations to achieve the company's vision and mission andI lead the company's initiatives to contribute to building a sustainable future.”... Read more
“In our sustainability journey at Meratus, launched in 2022, commitment has been the driving force behind our initiatives. For those embarking on this path, particularly companies in the early stages of sustainability, creating a clear sustainability roadmap is crucial.”... Read more