Green Network Asia is a leader in Sustainability Communications and Social Marketing Communications.

Partnering with Green Network Asia is a strategic, effective, and efficient way to reach, engage, and inspire your stakeholders and target audiences meaningfully.

Inclusive in Our Content Partnership (Advertorial) Services

We ensure the messaging you intend to deliver is reflected in the published content according to your needs, hence, more strategic and impactful.

We avoid greenwashing by holding on to facts and details to protect our audiences, your organization, and our team from negative impact of irresponsible content marketing.

Our Advertorial services help showcase your thought leadership and bring the positive impact of your initiatives to life in a credible way relatable to wider audiences.

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Marlis Afridah

Marlis is the Founder & CEO of Green Network Asia. She graduated from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore with a master’s degree in Public Policy. She is an interdisciplinary Public Policy researcher and Public Affairs practitioner with an integrated focus on sustainable development and sustainability.
Mobile: +62 813 234 345 73 

Lalita Fitrianti

Ata is the Manager for Organizational Membership & Partnership at Green Network Asia. She graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, with a master’s degree in Environmental Management. She is an environmental and biodiversity impact specialist, supporting Green Network Asia’s Membership and Partnership within environmental lenses.
Mobile: +62 813 144 115 21

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