Green Network Asia offers Content Partnership (Advertorial) opportunities to help you communicate with your stakeholders and target audiences meaningfully.

Our Content Partnership products (labelled with “Partner” at the top of the content) are customizable, visible, measurable, insightful, and influential, projected to be your long-term networking and digital assets.

Sustainability Communications

Communicate your organization’s sustainability commitments, journey, and initiatives to your stakeholders and the general public by tapping into our Sustainability Communications service. Benefit from our storytelling technique that is credible, easy to understand, and evergreen, creatively delivered by our team to support your organization’s sustainability efforts.

Learn how our Sustainability Communications strategy and practices will be delivered through Content Partnership and experienced by your stakeholders and target audiences:

Marketing Communications

Promote your organization’s profile, products, and services that align with Green Network Asia’s purpose and mission statement by tapping into our Marketing Communications service (you can also empower your important stakeholders by sponsoring them!). Benefit from our engaging and creative storytelling technique that will feel credible due to natural alignment with our organic digital publications and non-invasive advertisement to your target audiences.

Learn how our Marketing Communications strategy and practices will be delivered through Content Partnership and experienced by your stakeholders and target audiences:

Inclusive in Our Content Partnership

We ensure the messaging you intend to deliver is reflected in the published content according to your needs, hence, more strategic and impactful.

We avoid greenwashing by holding on to facts and details to protect the public, our team, and your organization as our partner from the negative impact of irresponsible content marketing.

Our Content Partnership helps showcase your thought leadership and bring the positive impact of your initiatives to life in a credible and legitimate way.

Our Content Partnership Products

News Series

Bringing news from events, developments, innovations, policies, programs, good practices, lessons learned, reports, research findings, conferences, and movements from your organization and communities through informative, light, and evergreen soft news.

Brief Series

Bringing insights and thought leadership that highlight complex issues, concepts, potential solutions, developments, innovations, policies, sustainability reports and research findings in a concise, easy-to-understand, enlightening, and evergreen manner.

Interview Series

Bringing impact stories and thought leadership based on the results of our exclusive, in-depth, and connected conversations with thought leaders and relevant figures in your organization and communities.


Op-ed Series

Promoting thought leadership, points of view, and voices of authors from your organization and communities to address environmental, social, economic, governance, and cultural problems on interrelated topics of interest within the lens of sustainable development.

Figure Series

Telling the impact stories of individual changemakers from your organization and communities with creative work to solve environmental, social, economic, governance, and cultural-related problems in society.


Contact Us

Contact our Partnership Team to schedule an online meeting and elaborate on Content Partnership further: 

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Lalita Fitrianti

Ata is the Manager for Business Partnerships at Green Network Asia. She graduated from the Master of Environmental Management program at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is an environmental and impact specialist, supporting organizations through environmental studies such as Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, environmental and social due diligence, environmental monitoring, and management reporting.

Mobile: +62 813 144 115 21

Marlis Afridah

Marlis is the Founder & CEO of Green Network Asia. She graduated from the Master of Public Policy program at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. She is an interdisciplinary Public Policy researcher and Public Affairs practitioner, supporting organizations through policy research and advocacy, government relations, and stakeholder engagement in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Mobile: +62 813 234 345 73