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Green Network Asia Value Proposition

Why partner with Green Network Asia in your sustainable development journey and initiatives?

Thought Leadership Credibility

Green Network Asia is a team of knowledge workers: researchers, consultants, and creative content producers with interdisciplinary expertise and skills. We have the ability to identify cross-discipline connections and create various programs with creative & knowledge-based deliverables to help deliver potential solutions and achieve your organizational and societal mission.

Special Focus on Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the blueprint of our work. We seamlessly integrate your agenda into the interconnected aspects of sustainable development, including but not limited to environment, social, governance, economy, culture, and science & technology. We then translate those aspects into relevant topics of interest that are strategic to your organization and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Practical Solutions with Comprehensive Services

Our practical solutions help you solve real-world problems through integrated services tailored to your organization’s needs. Our project management is end-to-end, from strategic initiation, planning, execution, evaluation to final reporting.

Our Services

Make sure your sustainable development journey and initiatives create greater impact for people, the planet, and your organization by tapping into our integrated services, including but not limited to:

Our Business Units

Our integrated services are delivered through our four business units with various creative deliverables tailored to the needs of your organization.

We do research to help you better understand strategic public issues, your stakeholders, and target audiences so you can create strategic policies, programs, and business decisions.

We conduct capacity building training to address the knowledge and skill gaps of your stakeholders and target audiences around strategic public issues that are core to your organization’s needs.

We organize events around strategic public issues that are core to your organization’s needs, allowing you to reach your stakeholders, target audiences, and the public.

We create and amplify large-scale education & advocacy efforts around strategic public issues that are core to your organization’s needs. We strategically drive awareness with digital marketing.

Our Deliverables

Our deliverables are customizable, visible, insightful, influential, and measurable. They are projected to be your long-term networking and digital assets.


Relevant Deliverables:

  Online Survey

  Focused Group Discussion

  In-depth Interview

  Policy Brief

  Short Study

  Stakeholder Mapping


  Special Report

Capacity Building

Relevant Deliverables: 

  Training for Academia

  Training for Activists

  Training for Journalists

  Training for PR Practitioners

  Training for Digital Creators

  Training for Artists

  Training for SMEs


Relevant Deliverables:

  Public Discussion

  Public Dissemination

  Policy Dialogue

  Media Gathering





  Tree Planting


  KOL Campaign 

Advocacy &
Digital Campaign

Relevant Deliverables: 


  Press Release





  Photo Story

  Advocacy Poster



  Banner Ad

  Explainer Video

  Impact Story Video

  Documentary Video 

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The Green Network Prospectus

Lalita Fitrianti

Ata is the Manager for Business Partnerships at Green Network Asia. She graduated from the Master of Environmental Management program at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is an environmental and impact specialist, supporting organizations through environmental studies and project management. 

Mobile: +62 813 144 115 21

Marlis Afridah

Marlis is the Founder & CEO of Green Network Asia. She graduated from the Master of Public Policy program at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. She is an interdisciplinary public policy researcher and public affairs practitioner with special focus on sustainability and sustainable development. 

Mobile: +62 813 234 345 73